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I've been doing online marketing, with a focus on SEO, Media Buying (Facebook, Google Search/Display & Native Ads) and social media for over 15 years.
Adam Maywald, Founder
Unwavering Media Helps Your Company Grow EXPONENTIALLY! 
Our experts have been helping businesses grow for the last 10+ years. With innovative techniques that have grown and changed with trends, Unwavering Media creates custom adaptable campaigns that work today and the future!
Facebook Ad Compliance
Facebook has been shutting down accounts left and right. We can help you get your ads back up and running again asap!
Lead Generation
Your company can only grow if you have more leads coming through the door. Our experts can help you generate more leads
Increase Your ROI
Already have ads & funnels, but aren't seeing the conversions you want? Let us optimize your current setup to increase your ROI
Google Display Network
Google Display Network is still a powerhouse for lead generation. We can get your ads optimized and performing. 
Leverage Social Media
Many companies live and die by their social media. Let us make sure that you are setup right and your branding is in place to succeed.
Make More Money!
At the end of the day, the goal is to make more money. We will help put together a specific gameplay to help your business grow this year!